Line, stations and fleet


The total length of the first functional stretch, between the end stations Prealpino and S.Eufemia Buffalora, is 13.7 km, of which 6 in the deep tunnel dug with the TBM in the central part of the stretch (which also covers the historical centre, from the Volta station to Ospedale), 4.7 km planned in a covered trench, 1.3 km flush level and 1.7km in an elevated viaduct. In its stretch, from the North, via Triumplina is passed underneath to deviate close to the stadium toward the Civil Hospitals; the historic centre is crossed, where an interchange station with the railway network is present, and then continuing toward Brescia 2 deviating on via Lamarmora; passing through the Poliambulanza the neighbourhoods of San Polo and Sanpolino are crossed up to the deposit.

The stations

The 17 stations, of which 8 in a tunnel (Ospedale, Marconi, San Faustino, Vittoria, Stazione FS, Bresciadue, Lamarmora, Volta) 5 in a trench (Prealpino, Casazza, Mompiano, Europa, San Polo) 2 flush (Poliambulanza, San Polo Parco) and 2 in an elevated viaduct (Sanpolino, Sant’Eufemia Buffalora) represent a "show piece" for the city and for the transport system they belong to, and for this reason were particularly looked after from the aesthetic point of view. They are in fact cosy, comfortable, accessible and safe even for people with disabilities, are small, with short and direct internal paths, diffused lighting, modern communications systems, information and surveillance. For the tunnel-based stations a "spatial continuity" from the outer surface has been conceived, rich of skylights, at platform level, thanks to the elimination of the traditional mezzanine. The contribution of natural light coming from the outside, gives passengers who are waiting the opportunity to perceive the sky and open spaces thus raising the perception safety.

The fleet

The fleet of the underground is composed of 18 trains, of which, in turn, 16 are used in line and 2 are available at the depot for spare and maintenance. A transport capacity of 8,500 passengers/hour is initially guaranteed in each direction with an interval between trains of 180 seconds, using for the first operating year a fleet of 10+2 trains.
Depending on the demand for transport, in the future, the fleet can be increased up to 40 trains, of which in turn 34 in line and 6 available at the depot for spare and maintenance. With a circulating fleet of 34 trains the maximum transport capacity of the underground will be reached with flows of 17 thousand passengers/hour in each direction of travel and with an interval between trains of 90 seconds. 030 30 61 200 bresciamobilità  metrobrescia WhatsApp 342 6566207