Change in the route of line

From Friday, December 23rd, 2016, due to the introduction of a one way street in Via Montini, line 15 from Montini to Noce/Girelli will have its course slightly modified in the direction Montini/Mompiano.

All the services of line 15 towards Montini/Mompiano from Viale Europa will continue along Via Branze, Piazzale Nava, via Garzetta, via Nikolajewka and via Montini where the services will then return to the regular route. Services towards Noce/Girelli will follow the usual route.

To get to the Montini/Mompiano area using the metro users will need to get off at Stazione Europa and get on the buses of line 15 at the new bus stop 2067 in via Branze fr. 22.

From Friday, December 23, 2016 the following new bus stops will be made:
Bus stop 2067 - via Branze fr. 22
Bus stop 1207 - Via Egret 18
Bus stop 1208 - Via Nikolajewka 19

The Bus stop 2071 in via Montini 24 will be moved 40 meters close to Via Montini no. 26.
All services towards Montini/Mompiano will no longer make the following stops:
Bus stop 260 - in front of Viale Europa 39 (Politecnico)
Bus stop 3015 - in front of via Vivanti 15 (MOMPIANO Metro Station)
Bus stop 263 - via Boccaccio 15-17
Bus stop 265 - via Montini 42 / A

To see the new path of line 15 click here

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