INPIÙ integrated tickets

From February, Brescia Provincial Council, in agreement with Brescia City Council and with the collaboration of Arriva and Brescia Mobilità, will revolutionise its public transport: the INPIU’ integrated tickets and passes.

With these new ticket forms, just one purchase of a ticket or pass is sufficient to travel on the entire urban network (bus and metro) and out of town lines.

Buying the integrated tickets is very advantageous because with just a few cents extra passengers can travel on any of the city buses and metro lines. For the passes, the rates that are currently reserved for students will be extended to workers who, with just an extra €8.50 a month and €60.00 a year, will be able to travel on the entire urban network.

The integrations will also include the out of town transport lines: Arriva (Sia-Saia), FNMA and Apam. One more step towards unifying the transport system and simplifying travelling for all our users.

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