CLEAR A SPACE / DISORIENT PROGRAM: events in the Ospedale (Hospital) station to discover the world of experimental music

One month after the inauguration of his work "Rationabiles Tubas, o Guarigione", Francesco Fonassi - the artist from Brescia, author of the third SubBrixia installation - Art in the subway, comes back to the scene with the first of an announced series of events in the program 'Clear Space / Disorient Program'.

On Sunday, February 28th at 18:00 at the Ospedale (Hospital) station the second of live sound shows which will continue until the end of the project will a dialogue with the acoustic environment generated by the installation.

Starring Fabrizio Saiu and Dario Bruna, known musicians in the world of experimental and contemporary music, the researchers of improvisation and compositional techniques: two drum sets for a “blind dance” performance that will be measured with brass clusters created by Fonassi and that will create a sound and emotional journey even before the physical journey starts.

In the coming months, the Ospedale (Hospital) station will host performances by Alvin Curran doing a solo on the shofar on Sunday, April 17, 2016 and FLOS (Luca Formentini - Stefano Castagna) for two Tables of Flos in June 2016.

Admission to events is free.

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