Sunday, March 13th: eco-day and single ticket for the occasion of the Brescia Art Marathon

A traffic-free Sunday to discover Brescia from another point of view.

For the occasion of The Brescia Art Marathon on Sunday, March 13th, 2016 an Eco-Day will take place which will see the closure to traffic of the city of Brescia from 9.00 to 15.00.

Brescia Mobilità Group, in cooperation with the Municipality of Brescia, will offer the opportunity to travel for the whole day on both bus and metro with just one single ticket on Sunday, March 13th to facilitate participants travelling to Brescia for the Art Marathon and all those who wish to enjoy the city without traffic.

The ordinary single ticket (zone 1), the ordinary single ticket (zone 2), the ordinary single ticket (zones 1 + 2) and the travel tickets purchased onboard buses will maintain the usual cost, but may exceptionally be used for the whole day.
Please note that the single ticket will be valid even if purchased via “Mobile Ticket”, this ticket can be used on the metro and on buses and can be purchased by sms or with the BSMove app: it will be sufficient to purchase the ordinary ticket in the usual way and show the ticket on a smartphone to the ticket controllers in the event of checks.

For more info:
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