IN CARROZZA! (ALL ABOARD!), the ebook to learn how travel in Brescia has changed over the years

Following the "In carrozza!" (All aboard!) exhibit on the means of travel in Brescia and its province from the late 1800s to the 1970s, the Italian Touring Club - Brescia, the City of Brescia and Brescia Mobilità Group presented the ebook dedicated to the initiative, including photographs and the words of the speakers who discussed the issues related to the history of public transport.

The photographs, postcards and prints in the ebook illustrate the evolution of the means of travel in Brescia over the last 100 years: the horse-drawn trams, electric trams, trolleybuses and buses, but also suburban electric trams, the Brescia railway - Iseo - Edolo and the Maddalena cable car.

The digital book also contains the words of institutional representatives who participated in the conference held on the opening day of the exhibit. The introduction by Councillor Manzoni dedicated to the subway and the prospects for mobility in Brescia is followed by the reflections of Francesca Poli, Giuseppe Ge, Irina Martinotti and Barbara Trevisiol of Touring Club Italiano, Piero Carlesi, Ezio Cerquaglia, Marcello Zane, Paolo Catterina, Maria Paola Pasini, Francesco Rusconi Giribardi, Mauro Pennacchio and Franco Ragni on the exhibit and the reasons behind it, the changes in Italian means of travel, public transport and the real needs of those who travel around Brescia.

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