In carrozza!!! Viaggio nella storia del trasporto pubblico bresciano da fine '800 agli anni '70

The Touring Club Italiano-Club di Territorio di Brescia, in collaboration with the Municipality of Brescia, Brescia Trasporti and Brescia Mobilità Group, with the active participation of Urban Center Brescia and the Accademia di Belle Arti Santa Giulia, present “In carrozza!” ("All aboard!") the photo exhibition dedicated to the evolution of the public transport of Brescia from the late Nineteenth century and up to the Seventies.
Starting Friday the 4th of March from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 until 18:00 the events hall of the Urban Center in Via San Martino della Battaglia is open open to welcome all those  that wish to to discover how the people of Brescia have changed their way of travelling in a century of public transport evolution.
Through more than sixty images divided into eight sections, it is possible  to discover a history of innovation and change of habits from horse-drawn trams, through to the trolley bus and on further to the subway, a symbol of how modern and technologically advanced Brescia has become.

The exhibition was opened on Friday the 4th of March at at the the events hall of the Urban Center and and was preceded at 17:00 by a lecture on the topic that that saw attended by institutional representatives, operators and industry experts as well as representatives of the Italian Touring Club including the City Counsellor Federico Manzoni, Francesca Poli, Giuseppe Ge, Elena Private, René Capovin, Sergio Martino, Piero Mayer, Ezio Cerquaglia, Marcello Zane, Paul Catterina, Maria Paola Pasini and Mauro Pennacchio will be present.

Following the great public interest in “In carrozza!” exhibition, it will be prolonged until the 25th of March 2016

The “In Carozza!" exhibition is part of the “Culture in Movimento" project and aims to highlight the highly innovative character of Brescia, which has always worked, even from the Nineteenth century, to expand their horizons and venture out beyond the territorial and national boundaries to enter a European dimension thanks to the continuous investment in technology and innovation.

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