Big party in Piazza Vittoria for Metro Day


Yesterday the City of Brescia and Brescia Mobilità Group celebrated the subway's 4th birthday along with the entire city.

A day of celebration that started with the stations at Sant'Eufemia Buffalora, the train station and San Faustino being transformed into a stage thanks to the performances of some dance schools and on board the trains with young people dancing as they travelled between stations.

Then followed the Music Show in Piazza Vittoria with the stage set up for the occasion: after greetings from Mayor Del Bono, Deputy Mayor Castelletti, Councillor for Mobility Manzoni and President of Metro Brescia Pasotti, 10,000 citizens of Brescia enjoyed the performances of Johnson Righeira, Ivana Spagna and Alexia together with comedian Giorgio Zanetti. Fulvio Marini and Brio joined in the fun, giving some rhythm to the afternoon of music and dance broadcast live on Radio Bresciasette.

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