Mobile Ticketing: subway and bus tickets by sms

Starting from Friday 14th March 2014 it is possible to purchase the urban  tickets “Mobile Ticket” also by SMS from your mobile phone or through BSMOVE app.

Mobile Ticketing service, available to the customers of Telecom Italia, Vodafone Italia, Wind and 3 Italia, allows you to purchase the  tickets of urban transport by sending a simple SMS, without any operation, pre-registration or credit card. There is also the possibility to purchase the ticket through the BSMOVE application, renewed and enriched on the occasion. You can download BSMOVE app from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

The tickets available are: Z1 ticket (municipality of Brescia) at a price of € 1.50, Z1 + Z2 ticket (municipality of Brescia + 14 surrounding municipalities) at a price of € 2.00 each with a validity of 90 min., daily Z1 at a price of € 3.40, and daily Z1 + Z2 at a price of 4.50 €

The cost of the request is 12,5 Euro cents including VAT for TIM customers, 12, 4 Euro cents including VAT for Vodafone Italia and Wind customers, while it is variable for 3 Italia customers depending on your tariff plan.

For buying the ticket you must send SMS to the number 4850202 with the text "BSM1" for zone 1 and "BSM2" for zone 1 + 2, "BSMG1" for daily zone 1 and "BSMG2" for  daily zone 1 + 2; or click on "Buy Tickets" in BSMOVE app. Both operations must be carried out before  boarding on the bus or before crossing the red line in the subway stations.

Once you received  the purchasing confirmation message, you can  travel on all bus routes and the subway  line for a maximum time of 90 minutes, as it happens with the traditional paper ticket.

The confirmation message should be conserved during your trip and shown on request.

The ticket is valid if you purchased it BEFORE the boarding.

The validation is automatic and does not require any ticket-printing. In case of verification by the ticket inspector  is sufficient to show the ticket received via SMS.

Thanks to Mobile Ticketing, you can buy your own travel ticket at any place and time, extending the sales network to all the owners of a mobile phone.

For more information

Brescia Mobilità Customer Care 
Phone number +390303061200
Whatsapp +393426566207- 7 days a week from 7:30 a.m. to 10:00p.m. 030 30 61 200 bresciamobilità  metrobrescia WhatsApp 342 6566207