YOU & BUS - YOU, US, THE BUS, THE CITY AND THE JOURNEY: the schools of Brescia discover sustainable mobility

"You & Bus - you, us, the bus, the city and the journey," is an educational project that Brescia Trasporti, together with the entire Brescia Mobilità Group and the Municipality of Brescia, proposes for the year 2016 secondary schools of first and second degree in Brescia and surrounding municipalities to continue the dialogue with schools, children and teachers which started so successfully last year.

An innovative method was chosen for the project that does not include lectures, but that makes the boys and girls the protagonists, putting them at the center of an unusual show, a special travel experience, which re-creates - sometimes with irony, sometimes in paradoxically - an enriched everyday experience which is the journey itself, and the time spent each day on the bus is in effect a passage.
The objective of the workshop is to work with the students to go beyond the repetition of everyday life and encourage young people to change their point of view in a way that the bus trip goes beyond the monotony of the getting on- validating the ticket - getting off.

The compact and concentrated experience of the imagination laboratory is an innovative way of representing the public transport is a short step: if users become the protagonists of their journey, this can make it better and more interesting for everyone.
As a result of the activities that will take place in the 10 participating institutions, Brescia Trasporti will therefore engage more than 1,000 students from 59 classes involved to use their creativity and their natural imagination, reworking the material covered during the workshop in a “social” video lasting 90 seconds to compare with videos of other schools to find out what the bus really is in the eyes of the youth.

The ideas and proposals of the students will then be commented on, shared, reposted and tweeted on the web in a "travel community" and become protagonists of the Open Day, the final day of the project to which all students involved will be invited to attend .

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