The new electric bike-sharing service e-BICIMIA has launched: Bicimia has expanded to include 20 electric pedal assist bikes placed in five stations: FS, San Faustino, Zanardelli, Branze and Arnaldo.

All Bicimia users and all those wishing to take advantage of the benefits of cycling will have pedal assist bicycles suitable for all ages and all athletic abilities, for work or leisure. The model used in Brescia is equipped with a 36 volt lithium battery and a 250 watt brushless motor, with an autonomy of up to 70 km.

The e-bikes are used like normal Bicimia bicycles: subscribe to the service, get close to the stations identified by the green colour, release the e-bike with the card and start pedalling! Be careful to always return the e-bike to one of the special stations with recharging, where the anchoring bracket must be connected and recharging enabled, and in this way it will be possible to automatically recharge the e-BICIMIA.

The new e-Bike Sharing service is experimental and for this reason it will have the same characteristics as the traditional Bicimia, including the first 45 minutes of free use.
The service has therefore expanded, but the cost hasn't changed!

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