BRESCIAPP launched!

Thanks to the synergy between the City of Brescia, the Brescia Centro Consortium and the Brescia Mobilità Group and the participation of the Lombardy Region, which financed the development of the application in the shared project called BRESCIA CRESCE, presented by the City of Brescia in the regional notice "STO@ 2020 - Successful Shops in Town-centres through Traders, Owners & Arts Alliance", BRESCIAPP! has been developed and launched, the new app that contains all the information necessary to fully experience the city, designed for residents but also for tourists and visitors who come to Brescia.

With simple and intuitive graphics that are colourful and fun, BRESCIAPP! is an easy-to-use tool with several integrated functions and 5 main sections, subdivided in turn into sub-sections that offer a wide range of options suitable for any problem.

The app is already available and can be downloaded for free from Google Play and Apple Store. But this is just a first launch: in the coming weeks the application will be further enhanced with updates.

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For more info:
Customer Care Brescia Mobilità Group
Ph. +39 030 3061200 - WhatsApp 342 6566207

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