New automatic number plate reading system at the Ospedale Nord, Randaccio and Piazza Mercato car parks

After the activation of Telepass at the main city car parks, and the possibility to access and exit certain facilities using a contactless credit and/or debit card, the automatic number plate reading system has been activated to make paying for parking ever quicker and easier.

The system, which has been activated on an experimental basis in the outdoor area of the Ospedale Nord car park and at the Randaccio and Piazza Mercato car parks, may be extended to other city car parks in the future.

The number plate reading system is based on the fast-exit method: when a customer enters the car park, the system reads the car’s number plate and automatically associates it with the issued ticket. In this way, when you are about to leave the facility, the system recognises the number plate associated with the ticket and the barrier rises without the need to insert the ticket in the column.

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