Nugo comes to Brescia

The app Nugo, created by the Italian State Railways Group, has arrived in Brescia to facilitate integrated sustainable mobility.

The application allows you to purchase travel solutions that combine various means of transport, from trains to ferries, buses, subways and car and bike sharing.

The app is very simple and intuitive: after selecting your points of departure and arrival, Nugo lists all the possible solutions to reach your destination, combining different means of transport and indicating for each the duration and cost. Once you have chosen the vehicle or combination of vehicles, you can purchase or book all the tickets through Nugo, making it much quicker and easier to organise your trips.

For Brescia, travellers can use the app to buy zone 1 tickets, zone 1+2 tickets, zone 1 daily tickets and zone 1+2 daily tickets, all valid both on the subway and bus. No additional charge will be applied to the ticket price.


Contact Info

For more info:
Customer Care Brescia Mobilità Group
Ph. +39 030 3061200 - WhatsApp 342 6566207

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