Omnibus" is back, a travelling theatrical show that will take place in part on Line 3 heading towards Mandolossa.

Actors and performers will bring to life a poetic tale in motion, part of the spectacle taking place on foot and part on the bus, telling about the area around Via Milano and the west suburbs crossed by Line 3, with its critical issues but also its diverse humanity and beauty.

On each date there will be two showings: Saturday, June 15th at 6.00 and 9.49 pm from the station (arcades), Sunday, June 30th at 6.04 and 9.37 pm from the station (arcades) and Sunday, July 7th at 6.04 and 9.37 pm from the station (arcades).

The show is free, but reservations must be made by calling 335.8000.7161.

To participate and get on the bus you must have a normal bus ticket.

Omnibus is a show organised and performed by the Teatro19 theatre company as part of the Oltre la strada (Beyond the street) project.

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For more info:
Customer Care Brescia Mobilità Group
Ph. +39 030 3061200 - WhatsApp 342 6566207

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