Today saw the presentation of the new AVM (Automatic Vehicle Monitoring) system, making it possible to monitor buses on the move, providing all the information needed to manage the service in the best possible way, such as the minute-by-minute position, the route travelled and the speed.

Thanks to the new AVM system, in real time, users can consult all information relating to bus transit on electronic boards, which have been enhanced and improved in terms of precision and quality and which provide information on waiting times, and - and this is the brand new feature - even people not yet at the bus stop can get the same information at the same time by consulting the Bresciapp! on their smartphone.

At home, in the street, in the office or on the way to the stop: wherever you are, you can check bus progress and plan your bus trips even more simply and precisely.

With Bresciapp!, you can also select a particular stop, bus or line and, in whatever section of the app you are in, the actual transit time will automatically be displayed, marked by the typical green real time icon that makes the new function immediately recognisable, even by people who are not regular public transport service users.

Remember that the app can be downloaded for free from Google Play and the Apple Store.


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