Eco - logis

Eco - logis

Eco - logis is an innovative city freight shipping service jointly developed by Brescia Mobilità Spa and Consorzio Brescia Mercati Spa, with which we work to decrease and moderate the entry of heavy vehicles into the historical centre through the use of environmentally friendly vehicles having zero impact.

The service is available through a logistic platform at the Brescia Fruit Market, where couriers deliver their freight before entering the city centre.

Once at the facility, the goods are organised using an information system that optimises the deliveries. This detailed organisation allows the service to cover the last mile of the freight transport chain using environmentally friendly vehicles.

Thanks to the replacement of private transport vehicles with electric vehicles with zero environmental impact, Eco - logis helps to substantially reduce pollutants and harmful emissions, contributing more and more to the affirmation of Brescia as a European, contemporary and sustainable city.

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