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Brescia Mobilità

Brescia Mobilita SpA

Brescia Mobilità SpA is a company of the City of Brescia established 28 December 2001 by the demerger of ASM Brescia SpA to develop and operate urban mobility in an integrated form with the objective of improving the area's quality of life, reducing road congestion and promoting solutions that are environmentally friendly, eco-friendly and technologically advanced.

Brescia Mobilità SpA coordinates the various mobility services through its subsidiaries, Brescia Trasporti SpA and Metro Brescia Srl.

Brescia Mobilità SpA directly operates:

  • Car parks
  • Parking meters
  • Bike sharing
  • LTZ
  • Traffic lights and other traffic control
  • Cameras
  • Electrical systems and solar panels 

Brescia Trasporti SpA manages:

  • Public road transport in the municipality of Brescia and in 14 neighbouring municipalities
  • Public road transport in Desenzano del Garda

Metro Brescia srl operates Brescia's automatic light rail system.

Within ASM Brescia SPA the various services were managed by the operating divisions, which then merged into the new Group.

The oldest of these is the Transport Division, the first spinoff of Azienda Servizi Municipalizzati founded in 1908 for the coordination and management of the electric trams that replaced the horse-drawn trams. In the 1930s and 1940s the trams were replaced by trolley buses, and since 1967 the service was completely replaced and unified with the introduction of buses.

Subsequently, in 1989 the parking division was founded for the development of areas dedicated to parking and control devices, better known as parking meters. The management of parking areas is provided by Sintesi SpA, founded in 1971 by ASM, which then became an integral part of Brescia Mobilità Group, finally dissolved and merged directly into Brescia Mobilità in 2013.

Between 1986 and 1987, as directed by the City Council of the City of Brescia, a study was carried out that would lead to the birth of the "Metrobus project" with the objective of defining innovative transport systems to encourage the use of public transport. The outcome of the study, shared by the Government and implemented starting in 2003, led to the MLA - Metropolitana Leggera Automatica (Automatic Light Rail System).

The mission of the Brescia Mobilità Group is to plan, manage and promote an integrated system of urban mobility in a manner consistent with the guidelines established by the city government, ensuring service that is efficient, safe, comfortable, attentive to user needs, and oriented as much as possible to respecting the environment and local region.

The company coordinates approximately 10,000 parking spaces in dedicated structures and about 5,000 parking spaces on the street regulated by parking meters. The management model adopted aims at a high level of automation of systems able to minimise personnel costs and maintain lean and flexible organisational structures.

Through the BiciMia service (link to Bicimia section), the company operates more than 500 rental bikes at 72 city stations, providing a mobility service that is sustainable and economical.

Brescia Mobilità is also responsible for several systems in the network dedicated to managing and monitoring urban mobility.

To support mobility in the city centre and in the LTZ - Limited Traffic Zone - of Brescia, at the local government's request in 2006 the company installed an automatic access control system that provides for the maintenance of the equipment and network connections.

Since 2002, in accordance with the plans related to security prepared by the city of Brescia and with the support of the company's technical skills, 126 surveillance stations have been positioned to monitor the entire territory and the safety of citizens.

Thanks to a team of technical experts using qualified analysis and design tools, Brescia Mobilità also performs activities related to the analysis of traffic flow, parking supply and demand and the design of urban infrastructure facilitating urban mobility.

In all these years, thanks to their commitment and experience Brescia Mobilità and its subsidiaries have earned significant recognition for their work.

Of the major awards received, particularly worthy of note is the "Quality Award 2004" that declared the North Hospital lot to be the best car park in Italy. Fossa Bagni, also among the finalists, won second prize in addition to special mention for the high quality of the facility. In 2009 the company Sintesi SpA earned the important "Safe Company Award" as the best work environment, awarded by AIFOS, the Italian Association of Occupational Safety Instructors.

In 2015 Brescia Mobilità was awarded the prestigious European Parking Award 2015, an international contest that rewards the innovations in the field of mobility and parking, for the project "Social Customer Care - Parking 2.0".

Also in 2015 the company came in first place in the Best-Tech competition established to reward innovation, technological excellence and investments that contribute to the improvement of services, for the project "Social Customer Care: moving towards the city live information assistant".

Brescia Mobilità continuously updates its certifications of the following management systems:

  • Quality - according to standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Worker health and safety - according to standard OHSAS 18001:2007
  • SOA

Brescia Mobilità S.p.A. Società Metropolitana di Mobilità
Via L. Magnolini, 3 – 25135 Brescia (BS) 
T: +39 030.3061.000
F: +39 030.3061.004
Customer Care +39 030.3061200                                                                               
Certified email:                                                                              

Share capital €52,000,000.00 fully invested
Register of Brescia Companies
EA no. BS-433626
Tax Code 02246660985

Company subject to management and coordination by the Municipality of Brescia.

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