Brescia Trasporti Mechanic Shop

Brescia Trasporti Mechanic Shop

Brescia Trasporti Mechanic Shop

The Brescia Trasporti mechanic shop is responsible for the care and maintenance of the fleet of vehicles dedicated to public transport, but also offers its services to private customers.

Our team of highly specialised technicians and the use of the latest equipment ensure quality and safety at the highest level, offering a full range of services.


The mechanic shop is equipped with 14 bus workstations and is particularly attentive when it comes to the preventive inspection of vehicles, of safety devices and their proper operation.

The mechanic shop provides emergency services dedicated to the maintenance and support of the vehicles operating in the network.

Quality standards call for servicing in the shortest time possible at any point in the network with the aim of replacing faulty vehicles in a maximum time of 30 minutes, while minimising the inconvenience for customers.
Particular attention is paid to personnel, who through appropriate training are constantly encouraged to improve their level of professionalism.

The Brescia Trasporti mechanic shop offers the following services:

  • Mechanical repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Electronics repairs
  • Mounting and changing tyres
  • Body work
  • Washing
  • Refuelling

The Brescia Trasporti mechanic shop is also available to the public, with particular attention focused on the assistance and control of the vehicles to maintain them at their highest level of efficiency.
The centre in Via San Donino 30 is authorised to conduct inspections of cars, motorcycles and mopeds, mount and change tyres and repair motor vehicles, thanks also to the availability of modern electronic instrumentation for fault diagnosis.

For those who have difficulty getting the car directly to the Brescia Trasporti mechanic shop, there is a vehicle pick-up and return service available in the hospital's north car park (Parcheggio Ospedale Nord).

The mechanic shop is open to the public as follows:
Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 12:00 noon / 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.
For bookings: 030.306.1502 or online following this link.

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