BiciMia Bike Sharing

BiciMia Bike Sharing




Bicimia is an innovative bike sharing system dedicated to all citizens, commuters and tourists who want to move around Brescia on bicycles in a simple and sustainable way. 

How it works

To use Bicimia all you need is an Omnibus Card to pick up and return the bike in one of the 76 Bicimia stations in the city (link to map), thus enabling rapid and flexible use.

A simple swipe of the contactless card over the station will unlock a bicycle for use. To return the bicycle just take it to a station and lock it into a free location.

Remember to always:

  • Obey the rules of the road
  • Not carry any passengers
  • Wear a helmet
  • Lock the bike if it's left somewhere besides a Bicimia station

On the back of the card is a magnetic strip that can be used to pay for parking at car parks (links to parking rates) in facilities and/or parking meters in the city of Brescia and managed by the Brescia Mobilità Group.

Location Address Stalls Busy
Fossa Bagni Via Lombroso, parcheggio Fossa Bagni 12 12
Da Vinci Via Leonardo Da Vinci 10 10
Randaccio Randaccio, via Tartaglia 7 7
Garibaldi Piazza Garibaldi 8 8
Cairoli Via Cairoli 7 7
Repubblica P.le Repubblica 8 8
Stazione Piazzale Stazione FS 29 29
Gramsci Via Gramsci 8 8
Palagiustizia Palagiustizia, via L. Gambara 10 10
Autosilo Via XX Settembre 1 1
Spalto San Marco Via Spalto San Marco 8 8
Arnaldo Piazzale Arnaldo 12 12
Tebaldo Brusato Piazza Tebaldo Brusato 7 7
Magenta Magenta - Piazza Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli 8 8
San Faustino Via San Faustino 14 14
Cavour Corso Cavour 9 9
Zanardelli Corso Zanardelli 22 22
Vittoria Piazza Vittoria 14 14
Duomo Piazza Duomo 11 11
Rovetta Largo Formentone 11 11
Pallata Via Mameli incr. Via delle Battaglie 7 7
San Domenico San Domenico, via Gramsci angolo via Moretto 10 10
Castellini Parcheggio Castellini, via Mantova 14 14
Iveco Iveco, via Volturno 10 10
Dalmazia Via Dalmazia 8 8
Satellite Piazza san Padre Pio 22 22
Ospedali Civili Piazzale Ospedali Civili 10 10
Chiusure Via Chiusure 10 10
Mompiano Via Ambaraga 6 6
Veneto Via Veneto 10 10
Piave Viale Piave 6 6
Wuhrer Borgo Wuhrer, viale Bornata 9 9
Lamarmora Via Lamarmora 10 10
Questura via S.Polo 10 10
Cremona Via Cremona 6 6
Kennedy Brescia Due 10 10
Golgi Piazzale Golgi 7 7
Milano Via Milano 10 10
Duca Abruzzi Via Duca Degli Abruzzi 12 12
Branze Via Branze 11 11
Don Bosco Via San Giovanni Bosco 9 9
Badia Via Del Santellone 8 8
Vallecamonica via Vallecamonica 9 9
Violino Via Re rotari, villaggio Violino 6 6
Borgo Trento Via Trento 6 6
S.Donino Via San Donino angolo via Gamba 9 9
Galilei Via Galileo Galilei 6 6
Prealpino Via Triumplina, fermata Metro 10 10
Casazza Via Triumplina, fermata Metro (presso complesso Futura) 10 10
Mompiano-Metro Piazzale Vivanti, fermata Metro 10 10
Europa Viale Europa, fermata Metro 10 10
Spedali Civili-Metro Piazzale Spedali Civili, fermata Metro 10 10
Marconi Via Marconi, fermata Metro 10 10
FF.SS.- Metro Viale della Stazione, fermata Metro 9 9
Brescia 2 Via cefalonia, fermata Metro 10 10
Volta Rotonda Via Volta - Via Lamarmora, fermata Metro 10 10
Poliambulanza Via Bissolati, fermata Metro 9 9
S.Polo Park 1 Via Raffaello, San Polo Parco presso fermata Metro 7 7
S.Polo Park 2 Via Raffaello, San Polo Parco presso fermata Metro 7 7
S.Polo Cimabue Via Cimabue, fermata Metro 9 9
San Polino Via Bazoli, fermata Metro 10 10
S.Eufemia-Buffalora Via Agostino Chiappa, fermata Metro 10 10
Zooprofilattico Via Cremona / Via Bianchi 10 10
Caduti del Lavoro Via Caduti del lavoro 10 10
S.Bartolomeo Via Tirandi / Via delle Gabbiane 10 10
Corsica Via Corsica 10 10
Parco Ducos 2 Vicino alla Nave di Harlock 9 9
S.Eufemia Viale della Rimembranza 9 9
S.Anna Via Luigi Bazoli 10 10
Alfa Acciai Via San Polo 10 10
Tovini Prealpino Via Giuseppe Tovini (vill. Prealpino) 9 9
Parco Castelli Via Resolino angolo via S. Antonio 10 10
Villaggio Sereno Via IX angolo via XXII, Villaggio Sereno 10 10
Corso Martiri Corso Martiri della Libertà 3 0
Nino Bixio Via Nino Bixio 3 0
Polivalente (Via Collebeato) Via Collebeato 10 10
Fornaci Via fornaci n.a. n.a.
Folzano Via Malta n.a. n.a.
Buffalora Via Buffalora n.a. n.a.
I Maggio Via Passo Aprica n.a. n.a.
Via Scuole Via delle Scuole n.a. n.a.
Via Sostegno Via Sostegno n.a. n.a.

You can sign up and request an Omnibus Card by presenting a valid ID and paying a small security fee at one of the authorised points of sale.

For minors aged between 14 and 17 it is possible to apply for the card by presenting:

  • A valid ID
  • A copy of a valid ID of the parent/guardian who will sign the contract form
  • A small security fee

To register it is necessary to sign the service agreement contract. If the user is a minor then the form must also be signed by the parent/guardian.

Each member is given a personal padlock to lock the hired bike if outside the Bicimia station.


Participation Agreement for adults
Participation Agreement for minors
Privacy Policy

  • Up to 45 min. - Free
  • From 45 min to 2 h - €1.00
  • From 2 h to 3 h - €2.00
  • Over 3 h - €5.00

It is possible to exceed the 3 hours of continuous use of the same bicycle for a maximum of 3 times per month Once this limit is exceeded, the card is blocked and you cannot use the service again until the first day of the next calendar month. To unblock the card it is necessary to go to one of the points noted above, pay any money owed and ask the operator to unblock the card.

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