The public transport service in Brescia is divided into two fare zones:

  • Zone 1 which includes the territory of the Municipality of Brescia and the entire metro route.
  • Zone 2 which includes the territories of the municipalities of Concesio, Bovezzo, Caino, Nave, Gussago, Collebeato, Cellatica, Roncadelle, Castelmella, Flero, Borgosatollo, Poncarale, Rezzato and Botticino.

Tickets for public transport in Brescia are divided into magnetic (paper with magnetic stripe) and electronic (loadable onto cards). In order to subscribe to a season ticket, you need to have an electronic card.

The electronic card

As of 1 January 2024, those who buy a season ticket for buses and the metro must have an electronic card, a contactless card, personal and not transferable, which allows the loading of any kind of pass or carnet.

It can be ordered online with home delivery at the cost of 3€ or at the Tourism and Mobility Infopoint in Via Trieste 1, Viale della Stazione 47 and Via San Bartolomeo 23.

The electronic card has a cost of 5€ and is valid for 5 years from the day of its issue. On the expiry date, it is necessary to go to one of the Infopoints for replacement and potential transfer of the remaining tickets onto a new card.

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For companies with Mobility Managers there are several discounts, for details of which please write to



These are integrated tickets valid on all transport networks in the Lombardy region, allowing free movement.

They can be purchased at the Tourism and Mobility Infopoints in Via Trieste 1, Viale della Stazione 47 and Via San Bartolomeo 23.

Season tickets can be purchased upon application for the IO VIAGGIO card at the railway station.





1 day € 17,50
2 days € 29,00
3 days € 35,00
7 days € 46,50


In order not to incur penalties, it is necessary to validate the ticket immediately upon boarding the bus or before entering the metro station platforms.

If it is not possible to use the ticket validation machines, it is necessary to validate the ticket by hand, as also indicated on the Lombardy Region website, which specifies that "... in the specific case of the Brescia metro - if the ticket validation machines do not allow validation of certain formats - the ticket can be validated by hand, by writing on the day/month/year of use of the ticket ...". It is specified that only one hand validation is allowed, as the ticket, if validated several times, is no longer considered regular.

For more information on Io Viaggio Everywhere in Lombardy tickets, click here.



Monthly (1 calendar month) € 116.00
3 months € 333.00
Annual (12 consecutive months) € 1.100.00



Integrated monthly season ticket for € 93.00 to travel on all public transport in your province.



This is an integrated monthly season ticket for commuters using the train and public transport in the city: you save 30 per cent on the city season ticket and travel with only one travel document.



Children under the age of 14 travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult family member (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers/sisters) in possession of a valid ticket and holding the appropriate card. Families purchasing multiple monthly and annual public transport season tickets for their underage children are entitled to a 20% discount on the purchase of the second season ticket and free travel from the third season ticket onwards.



With Inpiù integrated travel passes (tickets and season tickets), it is possible to travel on suburban transport and the entire urban network (bus and metro limited to Zone 1) with just one ticket.

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Following the amendments to Regional Law no. 6/2012 on local public transport, from Tuesday 4 February 2014 also in Brescia the new fees for administrative fines for public transport users travelling without a valid ticket came into force.

The new provisions have been incorporated into the General Conditions of Transport approved with a special resolution by the Municipal Council. In compliance with the provisions of the Lombardy Region, the values of the sanctions applied to ticket violations will be as follows:

  • full sanction (equal to 100 times the cost of the ordinary ticket) €170.00.
  • sanction reduced to one third and further reduced to 30% if payment is made within 5 days of the objection: €39.00.
  • sanction reduced to one third plus the costs of the proceedings if payment is made after 5 days but within 60 days from the date of contestation: €71.00 (56.00 + 15.00).
  • full sanction increased by the costs of proceedings if payment is made after 60 days from the date of contestation: €200.00 (170.00 + 30.00).
  • users who do not have their subscription with them at the time the sanction is imposed, but subsequently prove that they are subscribers, are required to pay €7.50 for administrative costs.

Methods of payment

It is possible to regularise the payment of fines:

  • at the Tourism and Mobility Infopoint in Via San Bartolomeo 23 (open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.);
  • by postal order on current account no. 11796257;
  • by bank transfer made out to Brescia Trasporti SpA IBAN: IT 53 B 05387 11224 000042697011. The reason for payment must indicate the number of the report and the name of the sanctioned person.

In the event of a forgotten subscription

if the season ticket has been issued by Brescia Trasporti, its actual possession is verified at the time of the check and the €7.50 administrative fee can be paid in cash at the time of the sanction payment or within 5 days by postal order;

if the season ticket has not been issued by Brescia Trasporti, the user must present himself within 5 days of the issue of the fine at the Tourism and Mobility Infopoint in Via San Bartolomeo 23 (open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.) proving that the user is regularly in possession of the ticket, and the fine is reduced to €7.50 by way of administrative fee.

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