Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights

This operating area of the Brescia Mobilità group manages the technological systems of the urban road network.

Traffic lights
In the city of Brescia there are 189 traffic light control systems that are centrally and remotely managed, organised and coordinated for homogeneous areas based on traffic conditions. All installed lamps are LED technology.
There are also 200 monitoring points dedicated to the collection and retention of traffic data.

Closed circuit surveillance systems
The traffic control program headed by the Operations Centre of the Brescia Municipal Police, established in 1981, now has the additional responsibility of monitoring the territory through 185 closed circuit surveillance stations connected to the local police, Carabinieri and police headquarters, 3 surveillance stations with recording on site and 10 cameras at the "Smeraldo" complex in Sanpolino.

PhotoR&V service
The service include 15 stations to monitor infractions in as many intersections managed by traffic lights.

Variable message panels
Electronic message panels are installed in the city to communicate the number of spaces available in area car parks.

Parking meters
The operations centre manages city parking meters throughout the area:

  • 336 in the municipality of Brescia
  • 41 in the municipality of Iseo
  • 21 in the municipality of Desenzano
  • 2 in the municipality of Passirano

  •  1 in the municipality of Castenedolo

Speed limit detection device service

The service has nr. 2 infraction control system in Via Montelungo in Brescia

All information regarding location and rates are available on the relevant page.

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