To mark the first 10 years of service of the Brescia subway, the Group decided to celebrate this important milestone with the city.

Just as on that 2 March 2013 the first subway journey was totally free of charge, to allow as many people as possible to experience the new means of transport, today too, after 10 years, we wanted to give the same experience.

For the entire day of Thursday 2 March, from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m., there will be a desk inside each of the 17 stations where our dedicated staff will distribute a special, limited-edition ticket: it will give people the chance to travel for free on the subway on Sunday 5 March.

Completing the subway celebrations will be Luca Font, an internationally renowned street artist and a leading name in the contemporary art scene, who will decorate one of the subway maintenance buildings at the Via Magnolini depot. The work will begin shortly, but the artist's style can already be admired on the bodywork of a train that has been set up, for the first time, also on the external bodywork: to allow art to be enjoyed not only inside the subway stations, but also while travelling.

Finally, the occasion of the subway’s important anniversary, as well as the year in which Brescia is the Italian Capital of Culture, was taken to publish “Arte in Metro”, a photographic volume in which the ten years of the subway are recounted through the eyes and works of the artists who have contributed - and will contribute - to making it a true museum of contemporary art.


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