Electrical Systems And Solar Panels

Electrical Systems And Solar Panels

Electrical Systems And Solar Panels

The Brescia Mobilità Group, thanks to the skills and experience gained in the field of Sintesi spa, is active in the renewable energy market with a division dedicated to the production of electric/photovoltaic systems and offers a wide range of services.

Services include the design and construction of:

  • Industrial and civil electrical installations
  • MT/BT cabinets
  • Special and security systems
  • CC TV
  • Fire detection
  • Home automation and telecommunications
  • Photovoltaic systems, even of large dimensions

Thanks to the know-how of its professionals, Sintesi is able to support the entire process of realising systems for civil and industrial residential buildings, from design to final testing of the installation and after-sales service.

Its photovoltaic systems division is particularly innovative, also providing technical assistance in obtaining financing and grants.

Highly qualified operating personnel, in addition to having many years of experience in the design and construction of systems, regularly participate in training and refresher courses dedicated to the knowledge of operational procedures, in accordance with current CEI/UNI regulations .

The constant pursuit of excellence and the quality of work allow us to maintain a solid and prestigious position in the landscape of companies that install systems with a high level of added technological value.

The company also has an important Safety Department with operating instructions for the individual activities to be undertaken, which along with ongoing training/information on the specific risks and use of PPE, has as its main objective the preservation of health of its employees and compliance with workplace safety regulations.

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