Complaint Form

Complaint Form

Complaint Form

To report a problem, make a complaint or offer suggestions, you can:

- Call us at 030.306.1200

- Write us an email;

- Complete the form downloaded from the website and available at the Tourism and Mobility Infopoints (Via Trieste 1 and Viale Stazione 47) and at the InfoTicket Point (Via San Donino 30)

- Complete the form available at the following link 

- Write to Brescia Mobilità, Customer Care, Via Leonida Magnolini 3, 25123 Brescia

- Send us a fax at 030.306.1004


If you have a complaint, you must specify your name and contact information and attach any documentation to facilitate the reconstruction of the facts by the companies.

Each report is carefully considered by the Group and written responses are provided within a maximum of 15 working days from the receipt.

After 90 days from submission to Brescia Mobilità it is possible to send a report to the Transport Regulatory Authority in accordance with (EU) regulation no. 181/2011 regarding the rights of bus passengers by:

- registered mail to Autorità di Regolazione dei Trasporti – Via Nizza, 230 – 10126 Turin

- email to or

- internet at the website

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