The Brescia Mobilità Group is launching a new campaign to promote the use of “Travel with a Beep”, the innovative payment method that lets you use the underground and buses by paying directly with your contactless credit or debit card, to highlight the importance of using public transport correctly and always having a valid ticket; the convenience of such a quick payment method and the freedom to use the underground and buses without having to worry about buying a paper ticket first.

“Travel with a Beep” is, in fact, extremely simple and convenient: to buy your ticket, simply tap your contactless credit or debit card on the reader located near the red line on the underground and at the front of buses, select the destination area (for buses only: zone 1 for the city, zone 2 for the neighbouring municipalities only and zone 1 + 2 to travel both in the city and in the suburbs) and wait for the system to confirm the purchase.

There are no surcharges on top of the price of the tickets and in the event of ticket inspections, simply show the card or NFC device used at the time of purchase. Your privacy will be fully respected: the data of the card and its holder will not be memorised.

And thanks to the traveller’s portal everything is under control: you can check the archive of all trips made and choose whether to activate push notifications that confirm the purchase and the start and end time of the validity of the ticket purchased.

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