"Social Car" is the research and innovation project aimed at improving the methods of transport in the cities through the integration of carpooling, the system of car sharing between groups of people, and the city’s public transport services.

"SocialCar" is funded by the European Union research and innovation program Horizon 2020 initiative as its main objective is the improvement of life in European cities through a form of totally innovative sustainable mobility combining public transport and private transport, developing and implementing a service that simplifies the travel experience of people living in urban and suburban areas.

Public transport + carpooling + social media crowdsourcing: these are the basic "SocialCar" elements that want to go beyond the current travel planning tools by combining modes of transport in order to optimize the movements of its users and change the habits of those who need to travel, with a particular focus on time-saving and environmental protection.

The European Socialcar project is coming to an end, and on Tuesday, 17 April 2018 the results of the project will be presented in the final conference held during the 7th edition of the Transport Research Arena in Vienna, the European Conference on Research and Development of Transport and Mobility, which annually hosts over 600 international initiatives and presentations.

During the final conference, the results of the 36 months of research will be presented together with the innovation and development tools used to create the Ride My Route infomobility platform, which allows the integration of public and private transport.

Massimo Santi, winner of the Supernova 2016 Hackathon promoted by Brescia Mobilità, will represent the city of Brescia, presenting the project that earned him second place at the Y4PT World Montreal 2017, participation made possible thanks to the important collaboration between Brescia Mobilità and Socialcar.


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